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Power Sector

Power Sector

The Power Sector team supports India’s transitions in electricity generation by examining the role of thermal generation in a renewable-rich scenario, economic and environmental impacts of thermal generation assets, and the integration of renewables into power systems. The focus of this research line is on improving data quality and accessibility pertaining to the sector, and the work involves extensive stakeholder engagements with regulatory bodies and civil society groups across India. The team also analyses accountability measures associated with the operation of electricity utilities and supports ongoing regulatory and institutional reforms in the sector.

With researchers based in Lucknow and Delhi, the team is currently dedicated to shaping an affordable, reliable, and accountable power sector in Uttar Pradesh. With more than 1.4 crore households yet to be electrified, the impending load – technical, financial, administrative, and managerial – on Uttar Pradesh's discoms is of mammoth proportions. Enabling a utility to deliver on its mandate and adapt to the dynamics of the power sector requires careful collaboration among various actors.

In February 2018, The Council set up its first project office in Lucknow to support the state's power sector reforms, through our independent research and our ability to convene key stakeholders on sustainability concerns.

  • 70%

    of a DISCOM’s annual expenses consist of power procurement costs
    Source: CEEW analysis, 2017
  • 30,000 crore

    combined losses of electricity utilities in Uttar Pradesh in FY’16.
    Source: PFC, 2017
  • 5%

    estimated rise in electricity tariffs (CAGR) for industrial customers in Delhi and Bangalore
    Source: CEEW analysis, 2017
  • Research on retail tariffs for industrial and commercial sector stakeholders has long been ignored. This attempt by CEEW is appreciated and well taken.

    Balawant Joshi

    MD, Idam Infrastructure Advisory

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