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Poonam Nagar Koti

Poonam Nagar Koti

Programme Associate

Poonam is a researcher interested in linking the economy, the environment, and societal development to achieve a sustainable future. At The Council, she works extensively within the integrated assessment modelling framework of the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM) to analyse the effects of industrial growth and its impact on emissions in the near and long term.

Poonam is currently part of a research project aimed at creating several pathways for meeting India’s target of 40 per cent non-fossil fuel share in the 2030 energy mix. She has been analysing changes in India’s projected energy generation under various levels of economic growth and energy efficiency measures.

Poonam is also interested in issues surrounding the energy-water nexus and is working on creating a framework for the assessment of water withdrawal and consumption in the power sector. She has previously created a Sustainable Development Matrix for aligning India’s Nationally Determined Contributions with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Poonam holds an undergraduate degree in Life Sciences from Miranda House, University of Delhi. She also holds a Bachelors in Education, along with a Masters in Environment Management from Indraprastha University.

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    There is nothing more attractive than a happy person. Besides being a quick learner, Poonam’s greatest weapon is her optimistic attitude.


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